Everest View Trek – Phakding to Namche Bazaar

On Tuesday we had a long 6 hour slog up to Namche Bazaar, the capital and main trading town for the Kumbu/Everest region.  En route we had to mind the yak and donkey trains, bringing supplies to and from Namche… they’re benign and sturdy beasts of burden, but not particularly mindful of how wide they are, so the key is to stay on the uphill side of the trail to avoid getting knocked off the cliff.  Most of our trail walking could indeed be characterized as cliff walking, as the average slope has to be greater than 45 degrees.  The trail climbs down to, over and up from the Dud Khosi several times before we check in again at the border of Sagarmatha National Park, which encompasses the Everest region and protects the flora, fauna and landscapes there.  A little further on there is yet another checkpoint with the Nepali Army then we work our way up the the 600’ high Hillary Memorial Bridge as the base of the “Namche Wall”… a grueling 2 hour ascent that ends the day’s hike.  I like climbing and was more worried about my knees on the way back down.  Sue and the boys managed the climb with aplomb.  We were glad to have hiking poles.

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