Everest View Trek – the Descent

On Friday Nov 11 after a hearty coffee, egg & toast breakfast we geared up and began our descent back to Namche.  My knees held up well as we took it slowly.  Ben & Max are walked together and continued their game of “This Player…” in which they give clues and guess sports figures (Q. This player killed a lodge on with a pitch… A. Randy Johnson).  I kept trying to steer it towards More academic inquiries… ( Q. This President said The  Buck Stops Here….)

Back in Namche the boys Played cards at our “Comfort Inn” tea house while Sue and I stole away to sample the Friday Market.  Namche Bazaar is of course the main market town for the Kumbu/Everest region,serving the all towns on the Everest Trail and beyond.  All goods are transported in by foot or hoof… up or down thousands of feet over tens of miles.  Its easy to see why the variety of  food & goods does not rival Walmart. But you wouldn’t know it from the signage… Nepal abounds with trademark-infringed brands, including Walmart North Face, Marmot, RedYak (same logo as Red Bull), Starbucks, McCafe, Adidas…

Saturday 11/12 was a long tough hike back down to Lukla.  It’s a net descent, but make no mistake – there are pleny of steep climbs on the way as we cross ravines and valleys.  Thanks to our poles my knees held up well (I’m just 3 months post-medial meniscus surgery); Sue’s are a bit sore but she handled it like a champ.  It’s high season and a market day so there was a lot of hiker and yak traffic.  We arrived back at Lukla before dark and checked into our relatively comfortable teahouse; Nama set us up with a very welcome hot shower.  After repacking for the flight home it was early to bed…

…and early to rise for our dramatic Lukla-Kathmandu flight.  Having an experienced, well trained guide again proved worthwhile, as Nama negotiated us on the the first flight out: mountain weather, old equipment, Nepali logistics and a tight airport translate into schedule risk, which increases over the course of every day.  It was amazing to watch them land, unload, load and launch planes with a 10-15 minute turn.  Lukla’s airport worth seeing

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