Ben’s Reflections

So far on this trip I have been having a grand time. We have visited five countries, and a whole lot more on their way. The countries are Singapore, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand and Burma (Myanmar). My favorite country has been Thailand, because my parents friends have let us stay in their villa in Krabi. This villa has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a full-sized kitchen and living room, and a PLUNGE POOL!!!! That is the reason why Thailand has been my favorite county. The other countries have been fantastic too. I will not be able to explain everything we’ve done on this trip so far because the last time I posted a blog was before we left. That was a month ago. I will go through the highlights though.

We only were in Singapore for a day so it’s hard to get a really think of a good one but it was probably the rooftop pool at our hotel.

Nepal was a great experience for all of us, even though Mom and Dad had already been there. My highlight was definitely the trek. We had a great guide, his name was Nama. It was easy to remember because the way to say hello in Nepalese is “namaste”. The trek started in a small town named Lukla that holds the world’s most dangerous airport. We hiked for three hours up and down to Phakding. We stayed at a lodge with warm water, rare up there. Next day was a six hour hike 80% uphill to Namche bazar. Where my favorite place was Everest Bakery for cinnamon rolls. Namche is the unofficial capital of Khumbu area. Two days later we hiked 8 hours to Tengboche, where we saw Mt Everest, including a sunset on the summit. All along the trail there were yaks, donkeys, prayer wheels and views of some of the highest mountains in the world. That was our stopping point. That is just a short briefing of Nepal.

Bhutan was fun. For the first few days our guide’s name was Fin and he was super fun and nice, all around smiley guy. Then the next four days our guide was Sengay, he was shy and quiet. My highlight was probably playing basketball with the locals or hiking up to the famous Tiger’s Nest monastery.

We took a boat ride through the canals of Bangkok in Thailand. That was fantastic. We spent one day there too so that was pretty much the only thing that we did.

We spent a week in Burma so this will be hard. It might be Thanksgiving on a very nice ship on the Irrawaddy River, the Shwedagon Pagoda, the pool at the Jasmine Palace, or interacting with locals, but it was great. Our next destination is Laos, where we will be riding elephants, climbing waterfalls, and ziplining through the jungle.


Thanks for reading :), that’s all folks.

3 thoughts on “Ben’s Reflections

  1. Dear Ben, I LOVE,LOVE your blog. It is so well written and so informative. (The spelling is great). Keep on blogging we love keeping track of all of you and learning what you are thinking.Miss you xoxoxoxoxoxo

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  2. Ben I hope your noticing that for the luck your born into a family that can provide all you need. You should become aware that it up to you to develop your resources too do all you can to improve and benefit the world and it’s people. You should also notice that you are traveling among people while hoping their children lives will be better than theirs, yet are most accepting of their place in world and make the best of it. I think most amazing thing to observe is the spirit of man shown regardless of the circumstance of their world.

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