Vietnam – Floating away

img_1840At ~5AM this morning the roosters and communist loudspeakers competed to end our
sleep.  I’d noticed and heard loudspeakers in Hanoi, but they were easy to ignore during the din of the day.  Not so at 5AM; the propaganda pierces our earplugs, and in the
premature dawn of my day’s consciousness I consider what might be so important that the Party must wake the entire city.  Perhaps the storm is growing into a dangerous cyclone, or there’s a tsunami on the way?  I fire up my chrome browser, and learn that it’s just an Orwellian broadcast from Big Brother, well-intended but unwelcomed by locals and foreigners alike.

When the sun rises Max scouts the water level – and reports back that we won’t be making and side trips today… the canal in front of our Villa is now a river.  With power failing and water rising, 0ur greater concern is how we’ll evacuate and make our flight.  After breakfast and packing-up we learn… we’ll use the giant wicker basket.  img_4958Sure enough, the staff loads me and our suitcases in the basket and floats me upstream to the Taxi; then the return to deliver Sue, Max and Ben.  It’s all good fun and reminds us that people are resourceful and adaptable, and humanity may just survive the coming flood.

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