MPumalana to JoBerg

This soggy Sunday Ben rose with a chesty cough, and Max’s bleary eyes told me they’d img_6186been up much of the night.  The rains would change our plans to see more of Blyde River Canyon; instead we stopped in Sabi at a local pancake house, run by an amiable family eager to provide tourist tips.  They warned us off of the canyon rim and pointed us towards Lone Creek Falls.  Following their advice we detoured up a short canyon and caught the falls at flood stage, and impressive site with water cascading over about 60 meters of limestone into a broad pool below.

The pool would make for some great swimming on a sunnier day; but today’s weather was conducive to a long boring drive to Johannesburg.  Our captain Naftaly weaved us down off the back of the Drackensburg Escarpment and through the old towns of Lydenburg and South Africa’s coldest town, Dullstroom…  known as a fly fishing haven (sigh).  Below the foothills we reached South Africa’s  is a huge, green, grassy Central Plateau, where we passed game reserves, surface mines with diggings piled like landfills, and massive coal plants in the distance.  At one modern rest stop the men’s urinal had a long window with a sweeping view over a watering hole and grasslands full of buffalo, zebra, ostrich and giraffe.  Weird.

We spent our last night with Karen, Naftaly and Nathan at a simple hotel conveniently close to the airport, sharing a few memories, wrestling across oceans and time zones with our debit card provider, and preparing for our onward journey to Zimbabwe.  It’s been lovely touring with the Ngugi-Woomer family, and we hope to meet up with other friends in upcoming travels to Latin America and Spain.

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