There’s No Place Like Tahome

Dear Readers: Sorry for the radio silence… we took a travel break and returned to our Tahoe home from our Eastern Hemisphere adventures for two weeks of decompression and Phase II Travel planning.  But now we’re back on the road, in the web and out of Trump’s Matrix, so the content will flow again, stay tuned.

Tahoe and much of the American West have seen an epic winter – “Snowmageddon” posts flowed through our foreign facebook feeds like a Tahoe teen shredding Mt Rose freshies.  We boys were eager to get our share, and the homeowner in me wanted to get a few tons of crystal death off of my roof and decks.  But first we had to navigate the hardest travel transfer yet – SFO to Tahoe.  

Sue had anticipated this headache and set us up with Global Entry, so we sped through immigration and customs quickly.  But guess how long it takes for the Airport union to unload a 600 passenger Airbus A380?  Apparently they use the LIFO  baggage handling system…penalizing us for early check-in.  2 hours later we dragged bags to the car rental transfer.  Finding an AWD with tires that could penetrate Snowmageddon took another hour, by then we were in the thick of Bay Area commute traffic on a rainy day… painful.  

The jet lag was bad – Dubai is 12 time zones away, so our circadian rhythms were perfectly opposed to Pacific Time.  My sister graciously offered her Pleasanton home; we were asleep by 6PM and up at 2AM, so humped up the hill after the storm and ahead of the traffic. That worked well, and in the lovely, still wee hours we saw our first snow of the year at about 3,000’ just east of Colfax.

Thank goodness for good neighbors.  We returned on January 19 to find 12 feet accumulated in our yard, but a clear driveway and a well-functioning house… Rick, Michael and Carlyn had blown our snow, collected our mail, watered our plants, and kepta the house warm through all the power outages.  We look out for each other here in the high country.

Max, Ben and I took advantage of our jet-lagged, hooky-playing ways and carved fist tracks a few days; I snuck in some mid-morning backcountry in my canyon’s secret stash.  The boys stepped up their studies and completed the academic portion of their open water SCUBA certification.  We spent afternoons and evenings shovelling our roof and decks, snowshoeing, enjoying local basketball games, catching up with dear friends and enjoying the beauty of Tahoe in winter.  There’s no place like Tahome.

3 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Tahome

    1. Hi Jennifer – yes 431 was a mess! Our wee hour departing flight got cancelled but we squeezed on a pM flight and arrived in Florida OK… some SCUBA training, family time then off to Guanajuato MX to study Spanish… I’ll get our itinerary up in a day or two


      1. Ahhh. I am so glad to not worry. You are back traveling as RockStars. Have fun and look forward to hearing about your adventures.
        Rainy Tahoe Jen


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