Guanajuato – Love at First Site

Sunday was rough.  We held up our end of the bargain, rising early and arriving 2.5 hours early for our American Airlines flight to Mexico City… and sat on the tarmac for an hour before they admitted mechanical difficulties.  By then it was too late to hop another AA flight.  Waiting for another plane we finally landed in MEX at 3:00, just early enough to create a fruitless hope of making our 3:45 connection.  We hustled and bustled but crashed the gate late… then AeroMexico insulted our injury by informing us that upon missing our outbound flight they’d cancelled our return leg… and they’d denied refund of both airfares.  Now our choice is paying for redundant Mexico City lodging and four expensive last-minute flights… or the Dreaded Mexican Bus.  I’m cheap, bus wins.

…And so we learned that Mexican long-haul buses rock!   A 20 minute cab ride had us at the spiffy, secure and squeaky clean northern bus station, where a competent clerk

Teatro Juarez
quickly booked us on the next bus to Guanajuato, for a fair fare of $30 each.  An hour later we were in sweet seats that would be considered business class on any airline.  Yes the seatback video was spanish-language only, but hey – we’re here to live la vida loca and learn la lingua franca.  5 hours later we’d arrived on the outskirts of Guanajuato, and soon enough a pre-negotiated 70 peso ($3.50) cab was whisking us to our AirBnB apartment.

Iglesia de San Diego
We taxied into Guanajuato via one of its famous river tunnels, emerged into the historic center and fell in love at first sight of this site… an impossible canyon crammed with stout colonial structures, alight this quiet night, separated by a layered labyrinth of cobblestoned streets, tunnels, arches and walkways.   Our drive took us past the majestic Teatro Juarez and Iglesia de San Diego and up a few blocks to our spacious apartment… and to bed anticipating our first spanish class lessons in 7 soon hours.

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