Ben’s Guanajuato

[Editor’s note – Today’s guest author is Ben Rock]

We (The Rocks) started our adventure off in Guanajuato. We started the trip with a bang. img_7888We had “technical” problems on the flight from Miami to mexico so our flight was delayed by an hour and a half. We arrived too late. The three hour layover just wasn’t enough to beat the unnecessarily long hallways and open spaces. So we missed our flight and the airline canceled and resold our round trip tickets. We had to take a bus five hours to Guanajuato and arrived at 1:30A.M and were locked out of our AirB & B.

img_7893After the flights we walked to our first day of school. For the week Max and my schedule was vocabulary, art and culture, cooking, and cultural exits. During the first week of school we walked to school at around 7:40 and grabbed delicious pastries almost every morning for breakfast. The teachers were all very nice and supportive of our spanish education. My favorite teacher was Daniel, who taught vocabulary, because we played fun games that helped improve our Spanish.

Some of my favorite parts of Guanajuato are that it is fairly easy to get around because img_2979everything is so close together. Another part is that all the cars are on the tunnels below the city so you can walk and not have to worry too much about traffic, although there is definitely some traffic jams on the streets. The most important person in Guanajuato is probably Pipila. The story goes that priest Miguel Hidalgo helped the indigenous Mexicans and peasants rise up against the Spaniards. A man named Pipila carried a rock to shield himself from gunfire to burn down the door to the grainery so img_8370they could storm it and control the land that was once theirs. He has a monument where you can see as far as the city limits.

Their is a mine in the outskirts of the town that is said to have produced 20% of the worlds silver… 20%! The town itself is amazing and quite stunning. I would be happy to go back any chance I have. The city gave me inspiration to push further and deeper into any secrets  that have yet to be unlocked. Than you so much for reading!


One thought on “Ben’s Guanajuato

  1. Ben, Your writing is outstanding! So proud of you. It sounds like you are enjoying the school so much. You’ll have to help me brush up on my Spanish. Love you..Coco xoxo


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