San Miguel De Allende – Max’s Perspective

Hello all, Max here.

This time, instead of writing a quick summary of all the places we’ve been and will be img_8163going to, I’ll narrow it down to a specific location, San Miguel De Allende. San Miguel De Allende is another colonial town like Guanajuato. Many people from Canada and the U.S.A. move there. It is also smaller, cleaner, and nicer than Guanajuato.

We headed out after returning from Spanish school (hear more about this in Ben’s post). We decided that an Uber would be the best way to get there so we called one from Dad’s phone. Then the problems started. The first car we called was too small so we cancelled it. The next car was big enough (barely) so we decided to roll with it. The first problem was that the driver wasn’t who the Uber app said he was, he was his companion. He didn’t know where we were going. Because we were going so far, he called his friend and asked if he should get gas, when he supposedly received a yes, he asked how much. He then drove us to a gas station that wasn’t even on the way to San Miguel. We bought some churros and then continued on. (I have to give partial credit for not having the tank filled because Mexico is in a gas crisis and the gas is at U.S.A. prices while everything else is 2-3x cheaper.)

It started out alright until we realized that he didn’t know how to drive a stick-shift (manual) car. If you have ever learned to drive a manual car, you know that when you learn, you have to work on using the clutch and that when you let it off too fast, the car jerks. He clearly didn’t know. He also wasn’t too keen on following the speed limits. Although nobody really follows them, he went 120 kph into a 40 kph turn. He also missed several clearly marked turns that, in turn, added another hour to our trip. We finally managed to guide him to our apartment and stood up and stretched in relief. The driver left and as soon as we could, we filed a complaint and received a full refund and 500 pesos ($25) in credits.

img_8132Enough about bad Uber drivers and onto San Miguel De Allende. We didn’t notice how pretty of a city it was until we took a look around (it was hard to enjoy the sights of the city when we were frightened for our lives speeding around). We dropped our stuff off and strolled into the town square and enjoyed the churches for an hour or two before seeking dinner. Our final destination was Made In Mexico, a very touristy place. The result of being touristy was good food. I liked the enchiladas.

The next day we went to the Mask Museum. It consisted of more than 700 masks collectedimg_8154 by an American ex-pat couple. All the masks had been used in ceremony and almost all of them had a story behind them. They also had a traditional rug maker at the museum. We then wandered over to a traditional Mexican toy museum that wasn’t to interesting but they had a nice balcony with great views of the city. Deciding that this was an appropriate spot to take a break, we rested for an hour and a half before walking to get fish tacos. I got one with marlin and another with tilapia. Next, we walked back to the apartment and rested for a few more hours. For dinner, We met friends of my parents and they have a home down here and spend around 2-3 months total there each year.

img_2877Today we went to ride horses before (thankfully) taking the bus back to Guanajuato. It was my first time riding a horse and once I thought about it for a bit, I realized I had ridden an elephant before I had ridden a horse. The only reason I have never ridden a horse before was because when we were in the Dolomites in Italy, I was bitten by a wild horse and it hurt for a long time afterward. But once I did ride one, I realized it wasn’t too bad. The only bad part was that I was SO sore afterward. Our guide dropped us off at the bus station and we took the bus back to Guanajuato. The buses in Mexico are surprisingly nice. Usually they have a leg-rest and a TV in the back of the seat (although they are only in Spanish).

That’s all from me for now.

Thanks for reading and see you next time.


2 thoughts on “San Miguel De Allende – Max’s Perspective

  1. Love the churros Max, my favorite. Did Mom get car sick with the crazy uber? Hope not. I’m glad we did not know about the horse bite before. Gid posting keep tem coming xoxoxo


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