Medellin – Science & Ciclovia

Sunday’s 3PM bus back to Medellin was crowded and the road windy… this time it was Sue’s stomach’s turn to turn. We were back by 6 and after some recover time we fed the imageboys then ventured out to explore the latest Latin foodie caze – shipping container
restaurant complexes. Basically they stack a jumble of shipping containers, torch out some windows, plumb & paint, insert a few kitchens and lay down a few tables and viola! Instant chic dining spot. Just for the fun of it we toured each restaurant and menu – Argentine steaks, American burgers, Mexican, Peruvian, Italian, Chinese… we chose the Korean/Thai place and enjoyed it thoroughly.
I’d planned for the family to ride the Sunday Ciclovia, which again was routed just past our AirBnB. To ease the transition I race-walked down to Envigado’s plaza to line up some rentals, then returned and gathered the family into a taxi to get to the bikes. Meh-dellin’s Ciclovia bikes, routes, sites and weather couldn’t compare to Mexico City’s, so after an obligatory 2 hr ride we turned and returned the bikes to the plaza, where we enjoyed a big traditional lunch of arepas, meats and potatoes.

parque exploraAfter a little down-time back at the AirBnb we hopped a cab down to the Metro and toodled north the University Station, which feeds the Botanical Garden, Planetarium, an Amusement Park and our destination, Parque Explora. The 25,000COP entry fee was high for locals but cheap relative to The Exploratorium and other American knock-off hands-on museums… and Parque Explora was IMG_3609better developed and staffed than most I’ve seen. The boys enjoyed the large-format outdoor motion exhibits, their vivarium and freshwater acquarium (the
largest in Latin America), and their big exhibits on light, illusions and time… many buttons were pushed and I think they even learned a thing or two.

The boys were good sports so Ben got to choose our evening’s dining adventure… we wound up back in our Envigado neighborhood wings joint… and we enjoyed sampling their admirable variety of wings with beer and soda.

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