Providencia – Ben Below

(Editor’s note – Sorry for the delay folks – no wifi on the Galapagos.  We’ve got a lot of blog posts queued up for the coming days so stay tuned.  And back by popular demand, here’s today’s guest author: Ben Rock!)

IMG_9684On the 17th Mom, Dad, Max and I went to the dive shop. Still a little dazed by waking up and hurrying out the door, we walked 15 minutes to Freshwater Bay to start our day. When we arrived we grabbed our gear we used the previous day and set it up. For our IMG_9697first dive we took the boat out to a wreck. We asked the divemaster, Philipe, how they find it, and he said that they use landmarks, like a space in between to hills then go 30 meters right then left 10 meters until you arrive at a plastic bucket tied to a rope. We got all of our gear on and rolled into the water. At first you couldn’t see 
anything then out of the abyss came a giant ship wreck from World War II. We actually descended 70ft even though we’re only allowed to go down 60ft. It was quite amazing, we saw vibrantly colored fish and coral with all different sorts of patterns. We got a glimpse of a shark of some kind and a moray eel swam right up to us. On the top of the wreck there was a garden covering every inch of the top. We eventually had to go up to the surface and back to the dive shop for snacks and water.

After the quick break we went back on the boat with some newbees. We had to go to a shallow beach first for them to practice because I don’t think the family actually did the IMG_3842confined water dives. They didn’t talk much to us, but I guess that’s because they didn’t speak english and weren’t comfortable with it. Anyway after a half hour we took the boat to a shallow spot which then dropped off into an amazing open ocean full of wonders of the deep. Imagine your favorite open ocean exhibit at an aquarium. Now imagine that but 10 times bigger. That dive was definitely one of the of the coolest and most awesome experiences I’ve ever had. Some of the cooler things we saw were, a full grown nurse shark, 8ft or more. (Fun Fact: Nurse sharks are one of the only spieces of sharks that can hover in the water without dying.) We also saw a stingray, parrotfish, and lots of othe amazingly beautiful fish.

IMG_9719We had to end our dive, wich was very disappointing, but that meant we got to get in our rented golf cart and drive to the main town, San Catalina, and go shopping for food and explore the town. We didn’t spend much time there, but enough to see what we needed to see. After a while back at the apartment Mom and Dad went for dinner and Max and I stayed home. With that we ended a day that couldn’t be much better.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my entry and I hope you enjoyed it.

Best wishes,



6 thoughts on “Providencia – Ben Below

  1. Ben, loved reading your post…it was extremely descriptive and captivating…sound like diving will be a love of your’s for life..hope to read more posts from you on this adventure…Sharon Haas (good friends of your grandparents, Carole and Al)

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