(Editor’s note – Today’s guest author is Max Rock)

IMG_0244Today was a very eventful day. Dad decided to go take part in Ciclovia while the rest of us lazy butts stayed home. We first walked over to En-Dulce, a traditional bakery. We ordered the IMG_0241famous hot chocolate while Ben and I had a cinnamon roll and chocolate roll, espectively. But by the time we finished, we couldn’t leave! We were watching the bakers make fresh rolls, pastries, and croissants. Watching the bakers doing their thing was so incredibly mesmerizing.

IMG_0256Once we forced ourselves to leave, We walked to the main square. After taking a lap around we went down a side street that housed a very lovely market. The next stop was a famous restaurant named Hasta La Vuelta, Senor! IMG_4145It apparently had a story behind the name that the three of us could not quite figure out. Then we met up with Dad at a small cafe where he had locked his IMG_0258bike up and grabbed a hot chocolate. Ben and I ended up drinking most of it. We then went to a hat shop to look for a replacement for Dad’s and my hats from Cartagena. We didn’t end up finding anything so we continued on.

Then the fun (or chaos?) began. As we were walking to yet another cafe, two men rushed up to Dad with a bouquet of roses and a poster that I believe was advertising other posters. At first I thought they were actually trying to sell him something but as he IMG_0270snatched one of them by the collar and threw him into a nearby doorway, I figured something wasn’t quite right. As we ran up to him to see what happened, Dad already had the scraggly man on the ground, pinned beneath his leg (he can thank high school wrestling for that). The man had pulled out Dad’s phone from underneath the poster but Dad had felt him and caught him red-handed.

IMG_0271It was at this point that Mom ran up and down the street yelling, Policia!!! She eventually found the help of a policewoman who called over a few more policemen. During this awkward time with Dad pinning the man on the floor and Ben & I sitting in the corner, we met another couple who had had their phone stolen by who they thought was the man’s comrade (who was long gone by now). The policemen then loaded up the criminal in handcuffs and Dad onto the same

motorcycle which then went to the police station. The other policemen offered us a taxi to the station but it was too far away and we opted to go for some chocolate cake at a cafe called Rupulica Del Cacao that we had passed earlier.

IMG_0278We bought Dad a few chocolate chip cookies and walked home. On the way back we ran into a nice older couple that we had warned about pickpockets earlier at the cafe, the woman turned out to be the author of a book we had read about the youngest kid to climb the highest IMG_0265mountain on each continent, No Summit Out Of Sight. We went home and found a quite disturbing picture that Mom had taken at the hat shop of Ben standing on a post with the pickpocket in the background watching Dad in the hat shop. 

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