Buzo Ben

(Editor’s note:  back by popular demand, today’s guest author is Ben Rock)

IMG_6167When I woke up today I threw on my swim suit and ran for breakfast in the kitchen. I fed myself some corn flakes and then we all talked about the day. We’re going to go scuba diving so we decided we couldn’t make the 9:00 dive so we instead looked at the 3:00 dive.

We did some work for school until about 10:00, then we got our beach stuff and shoved it in some bags. We all hopped in the car and drove IMG_6316down to the beach. Mom, Max and I got dropped off while Dad found a parking spot further up the road. We walked down to the dive shop on the sand and asked a few questions and we eventually booked a dive.

IMG_6006We walked back up to the board walk and found a more open beach to swim in. We set up camp and walked around for a bit before trying on snorkel gear and swimming around the area. Dad and I found a good jumping spot so we did that for a while. After we got tired we went back the beach and played paddle ball while drying off. Once we got dried off we went for lunch at a tapas place. We ordered six or seven thing because the portions we’re for the seven dwarfs.

IMG_6150After we payed we strolled to the dive shop and geared up. Several annoying and painful moments later we had our wet suits on and tanks, waitbelts, masks and fins on board the boat . The dive instructors weren’t sure where to go so we kept switching directions. It wasn’t the best conditions for diving, unless you call four or five foot swells good. We were the last ones in the water, but we had our own instructor. The visibility wasn’t great either so we didn’t see much. After the struggle of getting back on the boat we headed for the shore. IMG_6153

Let me go into a more vivid explanation of getting in and out of the water. After falling in we had to follow a line to a buoy. Doesn’t sound to hard right?  Wrong… did I mention the rope was tied to the boat so if you didn’t keep moving you’d be slammed against the boat.  Also the swells didn’t help- their intent was to push you back into the boat. And instead of taking everything off in the water we got on the boat with everything on, including fins. the had a ladder with no sides on them and the water would completely conceal the ladder then the next second there was no water on it…. so imagine trying to climb a ladder that was constantly moving with 70 pounds on your back and very floppy feet that almost couldn’t fit anywhere. IMG_6163

After getting out of the water we unloaded everything and rinsed off, dried off, got ice cream, and drove back to the apartment for a nice dinner on the balcony.IMG_6182

2 thoughts on “Buzo Ben

  1. Wow Ben, nice job, I almost feel like I’m there. I hope someday we can buddy up and do a dive together; I miss it almost as much as I miss all of you!

    Please send happy birthday wishes and my love to you that beautiful woman you call Mom.

    Big hugs from your favorite Auntie living in California!

    Aunt Ancy


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