Sue’s Sabbatical

The Why

The world is full of fabulous places to visit – I know this because I have been fortunate enough for the past four plus decades to explore much of it.

Now it’s time to let the repressed wanderlust once again have its way in what we are calling a family gap year. And while spending months in Europe sounded so uber alluring, we ultimately opted for the global bucket list of hard to reach destinations, the tougher travels that would let us explore and immerse ourselves, if even for a bit, in cultures—and situations–very different from our own. With this gift of time, we can touch those faraway places on the map that require more than the two-week vacation to which we Americans are typically confined (and as an unintended consequence, require a lot more shots!)

Exploring as a family is an exceptional opportunity to revisit some memorable spots from our younger years and discover new places together. It’s a rare chance to bond in a way that’s impossible in the day to day, within the familiar and safe four walls that normally shelter us. It’s un-schooling for us all, a way to take a look at the world with open eyes, open minds and open hearts. It’s a call to put those electronics down and pick our heads up.

Let’s get this caravan rolling!